Best things to do in Alcudia - Beaches, medieval walls and more

Here's our guide to the best things to do in Alcudia

Alcudia is a beautiful city located on the island of Mallorca. With a privileged geographic location, it is a paradise made up by beautiful beaches in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. But not only that, the old town is surrounded by medieval walls, churches and other beautiful places that you can not miss when you visit it, which we will talk about today in our article about what to do in Alcudia.


Enjoy the beaches of Alcudia

1. Alcudia Beach

Enjoying the sun and the beach is without any doubt the best thing to do in Alcudia. The beautiful white sand of Alcudia beach and its crystal clear waters are one of the must-see natural beauties in Mallorca. Around 3.5 km of the bay you will enjoy beautiful shallow water sanctuaries, ideal for swimming and enjoying the sun.

The beach is perfect to be visited by your whole family, since it has all the services and safety measures for visitors, as well as showers and the possibility of doing the most fun water sports such as kayaking and windsurfing.

Best things to do in alcudia 

2. Coll Baix

Located in the north of Mallorca, this remote beach of difficult access is perfect for the more adventurous. You can reach it on foot, being an excellent opportunity to enjoy the coast and let yourself be amazed by the panoramic postcards that this exquisite area will offer you.

When you arrive at this isolated and 100% natural beach, you will be in a paradise of clear waters, perfect for snorkeling.

Another excellent option to access this beach is by sea, either by boat or jet ski.

Best things to do in alcudia 

3. Sant Joan Beach

Playa de Sant Joan, located in Alcudia, in the bay of Pollensa bay of Pollensastands out for its circular shape and fine sand that extends for about 250 meters. This beach is especially attractive for those who are looking for a beach that is easy to access but not too crowded. but not too crowded.. With its gentle slope to the sea, it is perfect for children. Surrounded by native vegetation in a bay of crystalline waters, the beach offers a calm and shallow sea, ideal for swimming and water sports.

Best things to do in alcudia 

4. S'Illot

The beach of S'illot is a lovely rocky beach, stretching about 300 meters long and 15 meters wide. The beach, with an islet accessible on foot, offers crystal clear waters ideal for swimming. 

Like the two previous beaches (Coll Baix and Sant Jaume) are beaches frequented by local people of the island, so it is perfect for those who want to discover beaches unknown to most tourists. In addition, it has several areas to cover from the sun in summer. Our recommendation is to spend the afternoon on this fantastic beach and stay until sunset, which looks spectacular. 


Best water activities to do in Alcudia 

5 hour Catamaran excursion in Alcudia 

Of course, during your trip you can't miss a beautiful walk in the bay of Alcudia. stroll along the bay of Alcudiawhere you will enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun, in the purest style of a walk along the sea, visiting some of the most emblematic places of Alcudia.
If you are wondering what to do in Alcudia, on this amazing excursion aboard a catamaran, you can visit the Aucanada lighthouse, the cliffs, and the secluded Coll Baix beach, where you can swim in the beautiful crystal clear Mediterranean waters.

Aboard the Anacaona, you will be immersed in an unforgettable experience. Setting sail for the picturesque bay of Alcudia, this exclusive maritime voyage offers panoramic views under the sun. You'll sail along the captivating coastline, passing the iconic Aucanada lighthouse and towering cliffs, perfect for capturing breathtaking snapshots.

We anchor at the tranquil beach of Coll Baix, a secluded paradise, allowing adventurers to swim and relax under the radiant Mediterranean sun. Then, you'll head to the charming cove in Pollensa Bay for another anchorage, where passengers have the opportunity to enjoy snorkeling or kayaking equipment on board, at no additional cost. After a delicious lunch prepared by the expert crew, there is plenty of time for another dip before returning to port at around 15:00.

5 hours catamaran excursion in Alcudia
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Sunset jet skiing tour in Alcudia 

Embark on an exciting sunset adventure with the exclusive jet ski tour around the bay of Alcudia. Enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun while you explore the most iconic places of Alcudia, immersing yourself in the unique experience of a sea ride.

It's the perfect plan for after a day at the beach and before dinner. This exciting tour not only allows you to have a first encounter with jet skis, but also offers the opportunity to discover the beauty of our fascinating bay. Don't miss this perfect fusion of adrenaline and breathtaking scenery!

Sunset jet skiing - Alcudia
The best way to enjoy a sunset in Mallorca.
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Multi-adventure experience in Alcudia - The Challenge

The Challenge is a perfect option to enjoy an exciting experience in Mallorca. The adventure starts with a pick up from the hotel by classic Land Rovers to head to a stunning natural beach, from where you will launch kayaks to explore the coastline until you reach a sea cave big enough to swim and walk inside. From there, you will launch kayaks to explore the coastline until you reach a sea cave big enough to swim and walk inside, during which you will have to search for the keys to the treasure!

And the most exciting part comes next: the jump from the cliffs! Don't worry, it's optional, but highly recommended and suitable for everyone, guaranteeing maximum safety. Then, in the water, we will snorkel to discover the underwater treasure. Finally, we will relax and enjoy a picnic on the beach, an unforgettable experience where excitement and fun are guaranteed!

The Challenge Mallorca
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Explore the old town of Alcudia

Strolling through cobblestone streets surrounded by medieval walls, as well as visiting the church of Sant Jaume is a real journey into the past, all of them samples of the incredible historical and medieval architecture of this city.

Walking through the narrow cobblestone streets is a real pleasure, especially if you enjoy the historic buildings, which have been carefully preserved to maintain their traditional facades.

If you love history and specifically war, inside the walls you will also find defense towers, which served to protect the city from attacks by invaders.

Discover the old town of Alcudia on a leisurely walking tour

Visiting the historic streets and especially the old town of Alcudia is an excellent option especially if you are looking for things to do in Alcudia for families, as you can enjoy your beautiful tour of this port city full of history, knowing the local lifestyle.

Optimize your time in Mallorca with a private walking tour through the Old Town of Alcudia. On this 2-hour tour you will discover the local history, heritage and culture with a private guide. Walk through the Old Town of Alcudia on a guided walking tour, visiting historical monuments and the Alcudia Market. In addition, the tour can be tailored to your individual interests. Explore Alcudia Old Town with a private guide, listen to stories about history, architecture and monuments, enter the Alcudia Market and learn about the local gastronomy, and customize the itinerary according to your interests.

The best days to visit the old town of Alcudia are Tuesdays and Sundays from 8h to 14h to coincide with the traditional market of Alcudia .

Best things to do in alcudia

Get to know the Alcudia Market

You can see the Alcudia market on Tuesdays and Sundays from 8am to 2pm.

If you love to get a taste of the local lifestyle, visiting the market is an excellent opportunity to sample local produce, enjoy fresh food and why not buy handicrafts to take home as souvenirs?

The Alcudia market is a must to experience the gastronomy and culture of this unique Mallorcan town; active on Tuesdays and Sundays in the same streets where you marveled at the Old Town, which are filled with stalls and local products.

The atmosphere is extremely festive and full of color and spirit, where the locals show their authenticity, and will be happy to share information with you, and give you recommendations on everything you can not miss in the streets, plus the extra live music, which will make your experience endearing.

How to get to Alcudia from the airport

To get to Alcúdia from Palma airport, you have several transportation options. The most affordable alternative involves taking a direct shuttle bus, which takes approximately 45 minutes and costs between 10 and 18 euros.

Another much more comfortable possibility is to book a transfer from the airport to Alcudia that will leave you at the door of your accommodation. The approximate cost is about 117€. 

Best things to do in alcudia

Where to eat in Alcudia

We could not leave without mentioning the places where you can enjoy the most delicious traditional delicacies, Mediterranean, and international cuisines of the highest level, whether American or Oriental. 

In our list of exquisite places where you must eat in Alcudia are: Ca na Marcè, Miramar, Dakota Tex Mex, etc. You can learn more about these and more options in our blog: 10 best restaurants in Alcudia.

Best things to do in alcudia

Where to stay in Alcudia

Our recommendation is to stay in the area of Puerto de Alcudia to be closer to the beach and be able to walk there in the morning. 

El Puerto Alcudia has a huge hotel offer, to meet the needs of all types of travelers, from 5-star hotels to Airbnb vacation homes.

Staying in an apartment near the beach is a highly recommended option to enjoy a more personal treatment while paying less money compared to a large hotel complex. That is why we recommend you to stay at Bonavida Apartments.

Located on the seafront and a few steps from the beach of Puerto de Alcudia, you will discover Bonavida Apartments, an aparthotel that follows the Slow Life philosophy. Nestled in one of the best beaches of Mallorca, with crystal clear waters and close to the cultural highlights of the island, Bonavida Apartments offers an unforgettable experience in front of the sea.

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The best beaches in Alcudia are:

1. Alcudia Beach

2. Coll Baix

3. Sant Joan Beach

4. S'Illot

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