Mallorca in 3 days

Mallorca in 3 days
Soller Train

Discover the best things to do in Mallorca in 3 days

Are you going to be in Mallorca for only 3 days and don't know what to do? If you want to make your stay on the island unforgettable, we have prepared a guide to Mallorca in 3 days. We want your short stay to be intense, with all our recommendations written by local people from Mallorca.

First day in Palma

Palma is known as the capital of Mallorca, it is a touristic city that contains all kinds of monuments, a great variety of restaurants that you must try, iconic beaches and a very warm and calm atmosphere. Therefore, we believe that the first day has to be dedicated to this wonderful city, as it is the heart of the island .

Mallorca in 3 days
Plaza Mayor - Palma

In the morning, you can go to Can Joan de s'Aigoa small family business that has been dedicated for many years to the elaboration of Mallorcan handmade products. It is a perfect place to have breakfast and try the ensaïmadas or the potato cakes. After a great breakfast, you can visit the great Cathedral of Santa Maria, a monument with gothic style that stands out in the Paseo Marítimo of Palma. You can also visit the Bellver Castle, a fortification that is only 3 km away from the city, another essential monument that you must visit. For lunch, we recommend that you visit the 10 Best places to eat in Palmato choose what most catches your attention and the type of food you like the most. If you are looking for something to stop for less time and continue taking advantage of the day we recommend the Casa Gallega, and if you are looking for something to rest more and enjoy the atmosphere, we recommend the Aromata . You can finish the day in a restaurant in the center. There is nothing better than enjoying the evening with a glass of wine or a cocktail, enjoying the views of Palma.

Mallorca in 3 days
Can Joan de s'Aigo
Mallorca in 3 days
Bellver Castle - Palma

2. Second day in Sóller

Sóller is located in the northwestern part of Mallorca, it is a town that combines the mountains and the sea. It is a town that combines mountains and sea. It is worth mentioning its enormous Boat Port and its Train, which has been in operation for years and offers visitors a great sightseeing tour.

Mallorca in 3 days
Port of Sóller

You should start the day enjoying the sea, so we recommend you to take a ride on Barcos Azules, a route that goes from Soller - Sa Calobra, and where you will be able to appreciate one of the most beautiful landscapes of the island . To make a stop, you can enjoy the food of George's, a place that specializes in the preparation of breakfasts and meals and that is located in front of the sea, with the Serra de Tramuntana behind. You can enjoy traditional food and a wide variety of homemade desserts . In the afternoon, when the sun goes down, an iconic thing to do in Sóller is to take a stroll along the Maritime Port, offering magical views that will make you never forget your trip in Mallorca . The evening cannot end better than in Lua, a restaurant that works Mediterranean cuisine and specializes in seafood and fish, with views of the Port of Soller and a quiet and elegant atmosphere.

Mallorca in 3 days
Restaurant Lua - Sóller
Mallorca in 3 days
Sóller Train

3. Third day Alcudia / Puerto Pollensa

Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa are listed among the most beautiful villages in Spain . Alcudia stands out for its Mediterranean beaches, its old town and its great natural landscapes. For this reason, it is the favorite choice of many visitors.

Mallorca in 3 days
Alcudia Castle

You can start the day by visiting the Old Town, which is located in the center of Alcudia. The town has plaques all over the monuments explaining what it was like and what it was used for at the time. You have to eat at Ca'n Costa Celler, a restaurant located in the heart of Alcudia. They specialize in seafood and fish and offer a wide variety of wines for you to taste the one you like the most. If you prefer a place where they specialize in meats, we recommend you to visit the Steak House Carabela, located in Puerto de Alcudia.

Mallorca in 3 days
Ca'n Costa Celler - Alcudia

In the afternoon you can enjoy one of its most beautiful beaches, Aucanada. It is a paradise where you must go and enjoy its magical sunset. Through Northcoast Adventure, you can try many of the activities they offer such as kayaking. The best thing you can do in Alcudia to end the day is to sit on a terrace next to the promenade and choose from all the options the place you like the most, and enjoy a good wine.

Aucanada - Alcudia

Puerto Pollensa is another very good option to spend a day in the north. It boasts beautiful mountains, Formentor is one of them. It has a promenade that has a wide variety of restaurants at your disposal.

Port of Pollensa

To start the day, you can take a swim in its crystal clear water beach, and thus refresh yourself and start the day with all the energy. You can also take a stroll through the square and learn a little more about this wonderful town. If you want to eat well and right on the beach, you have to visit Ca’n Pescador, an iconic restaurant in Puerto de Pollensa, where they work Mediterranean and traditional cuisine. We also recommend Abbaco, where they are based on a natural and healthy cuisine. In the afternoon you can take a boat ride, they make a route from el Puerto to Formentor, you can appreciate a beautiful landscape and enjoy this day to the fullest. Finish the day watching the sunset in the Natural Park La Gola is a unique moment that you must experience, and thus, say goodbye to these 3 wonderful days in Mallorca.

Formentor - Pollensa

We hope this guide will make you enjoy 3 days in Mallorca, and that your stay will be happy and beautiful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. First day in Palma: Santa María Cathedral, Bellver Castle

2. Second day in Sóller: Sa Calobra, Maritime Port

3. Third day Alcudia / Puerto Pollensa: Old Town, Aucanada, Paseo Marítimo (promenade)

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