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Welcome to Meal Pass, your passport to memorable experiences in Mallorca. Founded by two passionate locals, Jordi and Alex, Meal Pass was born from the idea of sharing the Mallorca we love with the world.

We decided to create something unique: a bridge between visitors and the hidden gems of Mallorca. Our goal is to offer more than just generic tours; we want to create indelible memories and connect travelers with the real essence of Mallorca.

Jordi Ávila and Alejandro Luque, Co-Founders of Meal Pass

Our mission: Discover the authentic Mallorca

At Meal Pass, we do not sell simple experiences, but the opportunity to immerse yourself in Mallorcan culture through your senses. Our mission is clear: to break down conventional tourist barriers and guide you to the authentic flavors, traditions and corners that make Mallorca a unique destination.

We want to assist you during your trip

You will not be alone in Mallorca. We want to be your travel companion, that's why we offer assistance from local people via WhatsApp to ensure that your experience is smooth and satisfactory.

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