The best places to eat paella in Mallorca

We have prepared a list of the best places to eat paella in Mallorca, so you can enjoy a good meal on the island with your family and friends. Paella is one of the most typical dishes in Spain, if not the most. There are all kinds; marisco, mixed, vegetables.

Ca'n Pescador - Puerto Pollensa
Ca’n Pescador - Puerto Pollensa

Here is our Top 8 Best places to eat paella in Mallorca

1. Ca’n Pescador

It has a restaurant in Puerto Pollensa and another one in Playas de Muro, both in the north of Mallorca.

It gives you a taste of the Mediterranean essence through traditional cuisine. They have a fairly extensive menu and the waiters also usually tell you about their favorite dishes, which is sometimes very helpful. It should be noted that they offer Paellas and other vegetarian meals, so that everyone can enjoy the best dish of Spain.

They are set in old fishermen's houses and are located right on the beach, it is a unique experience.

For reservations call: +34 971 89 31 34 (Playas de Muro)

+34 971 86 78 50 (Puerto Pollensa)

Ca’n Pescador

2. Lua

Lua is located in the magnificent village of Sóller.

This restaurant specializes in fish and marisco, bringing out their most exquisite taste. It is a quiet and cozy atmosphere, with lovely views of the Port of Sóller. The perfect occasion to escape to know this place and enjoy its good Paellas.

For reservations call: +34 971 63 47 45

Lua - Sóller
Lua - Sóller

3. Safrà21

Safrà21 is located in Palma, the heart of the island.

This place prepares paellas, rice dishes and fideuás gourmet style, but never leaving behind the traditional flavor. The place is perfect to order a good Paella Mixta accompanied by a good local wine. The atmosphere is modern and elegant with large windows. You will not regret it!

Our recommendation is to try the rice with artichokes, boletus and Iberian ham, and the shrimp croquettes.

For reservations call: +34 971 26 36 70

Safrà21 - Palma
Safrà21 - Palma

4. Brasamar

Brasamar is located in Can Pastilla, a tourist resort of Palma.

They work with top quality products and get the best flavor out of them. They are located in a privileged place in front of the sea, and this makes it a quiet and charming environment.

Our recommendation of this fantastic menu is the Arroz Caldoso con Bogavante Salvaje and the Pulpo a la Gallega con Puré de Boniato . And accompanied by a good local wine, it will make you want to repeat.

To make reservations call: +34 971 44 51 05

Brasamar - Can Pastilla

5. S'àmfora

This restaurant is located in Alcudia, north of Mallorca.

The specialty of this place are tapas, rice and fideuás, bringing out the best traditional flavor. They work the quality - price and so they have triumphed for many years.

Our recommendation is the Arroz Negro and if you feel like trying something more typical from Spain, the gazpacho is a very good choice.

In addition, you cannot leave without visiting Alcudia, one of the most touristic towns in the northern area.

S'àmfora - Alcudia

6. Sa Cranca

It is located in Palma, in the heart of the island .

This place prepares daily menus and the specialty is the Blind Paellas and Homemade Desserts. It is one of the most outstanding restaurants for its Paellas in Mallorca, so it is the perfect opportunity. It is a quiet and elegant atmosphere with beautiful views, we love it.

We recommend you to try the Paella Negra con Sepia (Black Paella with Cuttlefish) and the Pulpo a la Gallega (Galician Octopus) .

To make reservations call: +34 971 73 74 74 47

Arrosseria Sa Cranca - Palma

7. Casa Rufino

This place is located in Palma, the heart of the island.

It prepares classic tapas, paellas of marisco and pitchers of sangria, in a cozy and quiet atmosphere, ideal to have a good time. It is the perfect place to taste good rice dishes .

Our recommendation is the Paella Mixta and the great variety of Croquettes .

For more information: +34 971 74 35 51

Casa Rufino - Palma

8. Los Patos

This restaurant is located in Puerto de Alcudia, north of Mallorca.

It works traditional food but specializes in fish and marisco, known for its fresh product and very good quality. The atmosphere of the restaurant is bright and elegant, perfect to enjoy a good meal. It also highlights its wide variety of homemade desserts.

We recommend you try the Gambas con Patata y Huevos Fritos and the Paella Mixta Ciega.

To make reservations call: +34 971 89 02 65

Los Patos - Puerto de Alcudia

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These are some of the best restaurants to eat paella in Mallorca according to the users of Meal Pass.

1. Ca’n Pescador

2. Lua

3. Safrà 21

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